Natural mineral sanitization for pools

Effective pool maintenance - minimum harsh chemicals

Pool Wizard UnitThe Pool Wizard has been patented as a mineral sanitizer which not only claims to keep your swimming pool free of pathogens, but can also reduce the amount of harsh chemicals required to maintain your pool in a sparkling blue and clear condition.

The Pool Wizard Unit contains a unique proprietary alloy electrode and an initial dose of Active Minerals (good for up to 9 months). The Minerals are highly complexed copper, silver and zinc compounds, patentedly prepared to prevent problems known to occur with free ionic systems (such as ionizers or copper-silver ion generators).

Pool Wizard RechargerAs the level of Active Minerals falls below its threshold, the Pool Wizard requires a Recharger which supplements and boosts the pool's Active Minerals and ensures months of hassle-free maintenance once again. The Recharger does not contain an electrode so the Pool Wizard Unit must be left in the pre-filter basket or skimmer basket. One or more Rechargers may also be required initially, depending on the volume of water in your swimming pool. Please refer to the Order page for information about quantities required for your swimming pool.

With the natural Active Minerals supporting the sanitizing the chlorine does, your pool may require up to 75% less chlorine. Algaecide may not be needed at all. And due to the Pool Wizard's side-effect of coagulation, most pools never even need a flocculant or coagulant even with a regular sand filter.

Pool Wizard Advantage Overview

Swimming Pool Advantages:

  • May help control algae in the presence of chlorine
  • Reduced chlorine demand
  • Superior water sanitizing
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduced maintenance chemicals
  • Economical to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Promotes healthy swimming

Simple to install:

  • No skill required - anyone can put it in
  • No plumbing needed - no additions to existing piping
  • No electric connections - not dependent on electricity
  • Drop 'n go install

Tried and trusted since 1983


Pool Wizard USA will solve your pool water problems