Pool Wizard Advantages

Advantages for your swimming pool

  • Pool Wizard UnitMay help control algae. May help prevent green pools and all the problems associated with algae blooms when used in conjunction with chlorine.

  • May reduce chlorine use by up to 75%. Algae, bacteria and fungus may be destroyed faster by chlorine in the presence of the Pool Wizard Active Minerals, so the chlorine demand of your pool can be hugely reduced.

  • Superior water sanitization. There is a four-pronged protection for the pool water: copper, silver, zinc and chlorine.

  • May assist chlorine to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens quickly and effectively.

  • Reduces pool maintenance. Pool water becomes more balanced due to lowered chemical use. Seldom requires brushing. Less vacuuming due to constant coagulant effect. Less backwashing. The Pool Wizard Unit is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Environmentally friendly. Contains no dangerous chemicals. Uses nature's own minerals especially formulated to provide more natural pool water protection.

  • Healthy. Cancer and asthma-causing chlorine use may be reduced by up to 75%. Flocculants are eliminated completely. Less chemicals needed means healthier pool water.

  • Economical. May drastically reduce chlorine use while flocculants and other chemicals may not be needed at all. Cheap to install and maintain. Your maintenance budget is irrevocably slashed.

  • Eliminates pool stress. Spend your hours lazing at the poolside rather than doing pool maintenance. Never run to the store for another quick fix for cloudy pool water or other pool problems.

  • Ease of installation. No skill required - just drop the Unit into the skimmer or pump basket and you're done. No labor involved.


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