Common swimming pool water problems

Pool water problem help

Find the symptom you observe in your pool and follow the link for details on your pool water problem and possible solutions. Alternatively you can visit the Swimming Pool Help Forums or the Swimming Pool Help Blog.

Symptom Cause
Green cloudy water
Brown cloudy water
Dust, sand, contaminants
Black (spongy) spots Black algae
Pink or white slime Pink "algae"
Green clear water
Brown clear water
Iron or copper in fill water
Black clear water
Dark clear water
Manganese in fill water
Milky cloudy water Conditioner level too high (CYA)
Hardness level too high (CH)
TDS level too high (TDS)
Stains on walls or floor Manganese, copper or iron in pool water
Uncontrolled use of an ionizer (copper-silver)
Green hair
Green nails
Uncontrolled use of copper ion generator
Chlorine smell Too little free chlorine, too much combined chlorine
Burning eyes
Burning throat
Too little free chlorine, too much combined chlorine
Alkalinity level too low
pH too high/ low

Please feel free to send in any pool water problems you have, or complete the feedback form.

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