The Pool Wizard at work

Let the Pool Wizard work while you enjoy swimming

Pool Wizard UnitThe Pool Wizard is a simple electro-mechanical stand alone system that uses nature's own minerals to help keep your swimming pool clean, clear and healthy.

The natural Active Minerals in the Pool Wizard may help destroy single-celled organisms such as algae, bacteria and fungus in the presence of chlorine. In doing so, the Minerals lose their power and their ability to work. The minerals are not used up, but are in fact regenerated through the workings of the patented alloy electrode.

In many similar systems, more and more minerals are released to replace the inactivated ones. In others electricity is used to constantly generate metallic ions.

But the Pool Wizard does neither: during filtration the circulation of the water passes the exhausted Minerals through the patented alloy electrode, reactivating them in a complex passive ionization process which requires no electricity source and without adding any new minerals into the water. So, as long as your pump runs for a few hours each day, the Pool Wizard remains hard at work saving you time and money.

Pool Wizard RechargerThe Minerals do break down and diminish during their regular working cycle and still need replenishing every 6 to 12 months, while the proprietary electrode and Unit lasts for up to 3 years.

The Pool Wizard is fully patented and is unique in this working principle of Mineral Regeneration/ Rejuvenation.

We are so confident of the Pool Wizard that we offer a money-back guarantee if it does not perform well in your swimming pool.


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