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How big is the Pool Wizard Unit?
The Pool Wizard is a little over 4 inches high, with a diameter of 2.2 inches at the top and bottom, and a diameter of about 3 inches at the widest point in the middle. The Pool Wizard Unit has been developed to comfortably fit every pump prefilter basket or skimmer basket.
Is the Pool Wizard safe for my family's health?
Yes, it is.
The minerals dissolved in the pool water present no health risks even at higher levels than those released by the Pool Wizard. The EPA allows up to 0.1 ppm of silver, 1.3 ppm of copper and 5.0ppm of zinc in safe drinking water. With the Pool Wizard installed in your pool, the water contains only a fraction of these limits.
A glass of safe drinking water can contain more copper, silver and zinc than a glass of your pool water with Pool Wizard Minerals.
To ingest the amount of copper present in a good multivitamin tablet, you would need to drink at least a gallon of pool water.
Do I have to use chlorine with the Pool Wizard?
Yes, chlorine is necessary.
Due to the claimed effectiveness of the Pool Wizard in helping chlorine to prevent and destroy algae, bacteria and fungus, the pool's chlorine demand may be reduced by up to 75%. A low concentration (0.3 - 0.8ppm) of chlorine is still required to sanitize the pool water and oxidize ammonia and nitrogen compounds (body oils, suntan lotions, sweat, urine, . . .).
Will high levels of chlorine affect the Pool Wizard?
No, chlorine cannot affect the Pool Wizard or its Active Mineral complexes. Even when installing the Pool Wizard for the first time, when chlorine levels may be very high (>10ppm), there is no adverse affect on the Pool Wizard or its natural minerals.
Is the Pool Wizard or its Active Minerals affected by heat?
The active mineral complexes are not negatively affected by warmer temperatures. They actually become more active and may kill unwanted unicellular organisms faster.
On the contrary, more chlorine is lost into the atmosphere as a gas as temperature increases.
Is the Pool Wizard or its Active Minerals affected by sunlight?
No, the active minerals are not affected by UV rays or sunlight. Chlorine, however, is broken down and lost into the atmosphere as a gas once it is exposed to sunlight or UV light.
Will I need to use other pool chemicals with the Pool Wizard?
Yes, other pool chemicals are still necessary.
A good test kit will enable you to test when and how much dosing your swimming pool requires. The pH is adjusted as usual and only a little chlorine is required.
Algaecides, algaestats and anti-algae chemicals may not be necessary with the Pool Wizard in the presence of free chlorine.
Flocculants and coagulants can be used but they are generally not necessary due to the Pool Wizard's coagulant effect.
The Pool Wizard can help to the chlorine to sanitize the swimming pool water naturally without adding harsh chemicals, so the cost and time spent maintaining water balance is drastically reduced.
Do I need to run my pump with the Pool Wizard in my pool?
Yes, you do.
The pump should run for at least a few hours every day to keep the Active Minerals circulating and rejuvenating.
We recommend a half turnover in winter and two turnovers in summer.
Turning off the pump for an extended period can result in the total breakdown of the Active Minerals, which may later not be rejuvenated and may require a Recharger.
Can I use the Pool Wizard in my green pool?
No, you can't.
The Pool Wizard is designed to help keep your pool free of problems when used in conjunction with chlorine, and cannot turn a green pool blue.
First treat your pool with shocks to get rid of the algae. Once the pool is algae-free and relatively clear, you can put the Pool Wizard in.
The Pool Wizard will now go to work, protecting the water to help prevent your pool turning green again.
How do I know when to replenish the Active Minerals?
The Active Minerals are lost through backwashing, splashout and pool leaks. A backwashing routine of once a week in a pool that doesn't have any leaks usually requires a Recharge every 6-9 months. When the level of the active minerals falls below the threshold level, a very thin transparent "sheet" of algae may be observed on a wall/ the walls of the pool. A larger amount of chlorine (or non-chlorine shock) should be added immediately, along with the Pool Wizard Recharger. The pool will be back to normal in a day or two.
Pools that do not have filters requiring backwash and have no leaks generally need a Recharger after 9-12 months. The minerals tend to fall below the minimum level through their ongoing activity in keeping your water sparkling clear.
Pools that are winterised need a Recharger in the Spring at pool opening.
Once the pump is turned off for an extended period, the minerals cannot be rejuvenated and break down. A recharger is required when the pump is brought into service again.
Will the Pool Wizard stain my swimming pool?
No, it won't.
The Active Minerals in the Pool Wizard have been highly isolated and complexed to prevent staining. The mineral complexes do not have the ionic element which can cause staining after being oxidized (by the chlorine). Most copper/silver systems depend on ions which can and do result in stains.
Pools that have used metallic-based chemicals (eg. copper-based algaecides) should be treated with a metal-out product if in doubt. The existing metal ions will NOT create compatability problems for the Pool Wizard Active Minerals.
New plaster pools should not put in a Pool Wizard in the first month or two as a precaution while the plaster is curing to its final state.
Will the Active Minerals cause discoloration of the pool water?
No, it won't.
The minerals in the Pool Wizard have been highly isolated and complexed to prevent oxidation. The mineral complexes do not have the ionic element which can cause discoloration after being oxidized (by the chlorine). Most copper/ silver systems depend on ions which can and do result in discoloration.
Can the Pool Wizard Active Minerals turn my hair green?
The Pool Wizard, on its own, cannot cause green hair.
If the pool has been treated with copper-based algaecides, hydrogen peroxides, bromine or biguanide products, the combination of factors can on rare occasion result in green-tinted hair. Although very seldom seen, this almost always occurs when the pH and/ or Total Alkalinity level of the water is very low and the Calcium Hardness level is high.
Care should nevertheless be taken when installing the Pool Wizard and we recommend adding the Active Minerals/ Rechargers a week before you intend to use the pool if possible. This is more important with smaller pools
(i.e. 10,000 gallons for Pool Wizard or 5,000 gallons for Above Ground Unit). Alternatively you can add half of the Active Minerals initially and the balance two weeks later.
What is the life span of the Pool Wizard?
The Pool Wizard Unit is effective for up to three years before needing replacement. The water soluble minerals require replenishing every 6-9 months (with normal backwashing).
Periodic inspection of the unit should be done to ensure there are no foreign objects (such as leaves and insects) that prevent good water flow through the electrode.
If the electrode gets covered in scale, immerse it in a weak acid solution to restore it to maximum activity once again.
Can I use the Pool Wizard with any filter?
Yes, the Pool Wizard can be used with all filter types: sand, DE, cartridge and bag filters. The Pool Wizard is even suitable with filters containing zeolite. Zeolite absorbs ions of copper, silver and zinc, but is unable absorb the mineral complexes found in the Pool Wizard.
Can the Pool Wizard stain my filter?
Yes, unfortunately it can.
Cartridge and DE filters are prone to superficial staining due to the nature of their filtrant media. These filters trap incredibly fine particles (down to 3 microns) and often have a "film" of chemicals on their surface or in the media itself. When the newly dissolved Active Minerals hit the filter in the quantity added at startup or when recharging, a minute proportion can occasionaly have a brief chemical reaction on the filter, resulting in superficial stains.
The discoloration does not affect the functioning of the filter or the efficacy of the Pool Wizard, but may be aesthetically displeasing. Be rest assured that this discoloration will not occur anywhere else in the pool.
Can I use the Pool Wizard with my salt system?
Yes, you can.
The Pool Wizard is compatible with salt water chlorine generators. You may have to turn down the generator as your chlorine demand falls.
Can I use non-chlorine shock with the Pool Wizard?
Yes, you can.
Non-chlorine shocks (persulfates or monopersulfates) will clear any organic pollutants quickly without adversly affecting the Pool Wizard Active Minerals.
Can I use the Pool Wizard with my ozonator/ ozone generator?
Yes, you can.
The Pool Wizard is compatible with ozone generators and is a perfect companion, providing the ongoing protection for your pool water even when the pump is not running.
Which chemicals cannot be used with the Pool Wizard?
If your pool has been treated with bromine or biguanide , there may be unwanted chemical reactions occuring with the Pool Wizard's patented mineral formula.
We do not advocate using the Pool Wizard in pools treated with bromine or biguanide and accept no liability for the product used under these conditions.
Who can install the Pool Wizard for me?
Installing the Pool Wizard couldn't be easier. You just drop it in and run the pool as usual. You won't need to call an electrician, plumber or pool service company to get the Pool Wizard going.
What other products are similar to the Pool Wizard?
There are many mineral sanitizers based on copper, silver and zinc. Many rely on a constant ionic generation while others release complexed minerals. The most popular products similar to the Pool Wizard (and which reference the Pool Wizard in their patents) are Nature2 and the Frog.

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