Pool Wizard 30-day money back guarantee

Terms and details of the warranty

We guarantee the effectiveness of the Pool Wizard to keep your pool sparkling and clear. If your pool fails to remain in crystal clear condition within 30 days of installing the Pool Wizard, return it with the original packaging and we will refund the purchase price in full. This guarantee applies to installations done in accordance with the installation instructions.

The following terms and conditions, if not adhered to, may render the guarantee null and void:

  • The Pool Wizard is intended for use in relatively clean, clear pools. It can enhance the clarity and maintain the pool in superb condition. It must not be used to turn a green, brown, black or extremely milky pool blue.
  • The Pool Wizard is incompatible with bromine and biguanide. It should not be used in pools currently or recently treated with either bromine or biguanide.
  • The Pool Wizard works well with all other common pool chemicals. Copper or metal based chemicals should be avoided. They are not necessary so don't use them.
  • The concentration of the Active Minerals affects the working of the Pool Wizard system. The recommended quantities of Units and rechargers (as given by the calculators) must be used to achieve maximum benefit.
  • Constantly high pH levels (above 8.0) can break down the Active Mineral complexes, so care should be taken to keep pH within "normal" limits.
  • Extremely high calcium hardness levels have been known to weaken the Active Minerals. Please contact us if your calcium hardness levels are over 500 ppm.
  • The Pool Wizard is not a chlorine replacement. The pool must always have a free chlorine residual of at least 0.3 ppm to ensure adequate sanitizing. Often the pool looks so good without any chlorine, but this will result in the rapid breakdown of the Active Minerals.
  • The Active Minerals are rejuvenated as they pass through the alloy electrode in the Pool Wizard Unit. Turning the pump off for more than a couple of days will result in the breakdown of the Active Minerals.
  • Very high conditioner levels (above 100 ppm) can cause "chlorine lock". The free chlorine can be measured but it cannot do its job. The water turns murky or milky and this can cause the Minerals to weaken.


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