About the Pool Wizard & Pool Wizard LLC

Pool Wizard - origins and development

The Pool Wizard was developed in the early 1980's in South Africa to address the problems of excessive algae in swimming pools in the hot and rainy summers. The summer thunderstorms would result in heavy algae growth within a few days in even well-maintained swimming pools. The Pool Wizard was the first mineral-based product used to specifically combat the algae demon.

The Pool Wizard is fully patented and meets all required standards for health and efficiency. The Pool Wizard has been commercially available since 1983 and has subsequently been introduced into numerous swimming pool markets around the globe with resounding success and acclaim from its users.

Pool Wizard LLC

Our company, Pool Wizard LLC, was established to ensure the widespread availability of Pool Wizard products to all interested pool owners. Our efforts have been concentrated in the USA and the rest of North America with our base in Atlanta, Georgia and in Europe with our distribution center located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Pool Wizard users may be able to get the units from select pool service organizations, who install the Pool Wizard for their own customers. Bulk orders and distribution can be managed from our European office.

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